Watch A Sexy Elevator Ride

Summer is here and thinking about winter clothes seems a bit ridiculous, but this new commercial for Australian brand Calibre is so sexy, I just had to share it. On a side note, if you’re ever going to visit Australia, try to time it during the end of a certain season. I went during Mardi Gras, and noticed most stores were having end of summer sales which was perfect, since summer was still a couple of months away back home in North America. And just like that, Papa had his summer wardrobe this year 😉

In this adorable new commercial from Calibre, two guys enter an elevator and begin to talk about fashion, of course. Watch the video below to see how the two guys illustrate the brand’s mantra of mixin‘ and matchin‘. I’m pretty sure you can guess why the older lady is gasping in the picture above. Your jaw will drop too once you see how far these guys go in the elevator. Sharing is caring is what I always say.

I thought I would add the following video as well. There’s no hot shirtless action, but some of the looks are really cute. I can’t wait to bust them out come Winter 2012.

  • Andrew

    These are great, the models are cute and the clothes look good too. We need this store.

  • zurvivor

    When i go to work, all i can think of is this video and the models.

  • Lee

    Really? That was supposed to make my jaw drop? They didn’t even take off their pants…what was supposed to impress me?