C-IN2 Is On “Parole” In Sexy New Promo Video

I wonder what Jon Hamm‘s character from Mad Men would think about how companies sell sex underwear nowadays. Certainly, he’s look good in a pair of C-IN2, don’t you think? In this sexy new promo video by photographer Rick Day titled “Parole” for C-IN2 underwear, a few crazy hot men hide out in a shelter in the middle of the jungle. Given the temperature, they’re left with no choice but to wear nothing but their form-fitting underwear (to our delight) courtesy of C-IN2. We see their bodies, glistening with sweat, as the peak through the windows at the two cops that are closing in on them. Randomly, one of them looks like Kim Kardashian – LOL.

By the end of the video, these sexy men that are “packing” heat (in a certain place) are cuffed, arrested, and are going to be doing hard time in prison. By the end of the video, I definitely want something. I think it’s underwear, but I’m not sure. The model’s featured in the video include: Castro Gomes (header photo), Chris Whelen, and Anthony Gallo. Check them out in the video below. Enjoy!

  • Castro Gomes … from BRAZIL !!! we r so fuckin HOT …