Busy Drag Queen 3: She’s Still Busy

Several years ago, a video called “Busy Drag Queen” by Ryan Steele starring Raye Sunshine went viral on YouTube. The concept is simple. A drag queen (Raye Sunshine) runs around town encountering various situations that require her attention. Someone’s in trouble or upset and she would love to help, but she’s TOO BUSY!!! At that point, she runs off, dragging a suitcase with all her wardrobe and makeup essentials.

After a sequel to the original, now a third video has come out and we’ve got your first look at the hilarity and hotness. The video starts off with Sunshine getting woken up by her phone while sandwiched between two hotties (Todd & Riley Cox). She’d love to stay and carry on with the three-way, but she’s BUSY!

Her day doesn’t get any less hectic, from running into an abandoned bride (Samantha Mack) to stumbling upon a performance in the park by Peter Breeze to Ryan Steele horned up and harnessed in Priape to name a few of her roadblocks.

Check out the video below… and if you see Raye Sunshine at an event here in Vancouver, be sure to say hi – if’ she’s not too busy 😉