Watch Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor

Without watching a second of the trailer, I already have the utmost confidence that Helena Bonham Carter’s turn as Elizabeth Taylor will be a million times better than Lindsay Lohan in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. Even though Lohan resembles Taylor much more than Carter, the Brit’s acting chops will more than make up for it.

BBC just unveiled the trailer for their upcoming film, Burton and Taylor. Playing the role of Taylor’s twice-married and twice-divorced husband Richard Burton is The Wire’s Dominic West. The biopic focuses on the time the couple starred in the Broadway production of Private Lives in 1983.

Since Noel Coward’s comedy featured a divorced couple running into each other in France while honeymooning with their respective new spouses, many were intrigued by the play due to the parallels with Burton and Taylor’s own troubled relationship. Check out the trailer below. No date on when the film will broadcast in the UK or in the US has been announced.

Burton and Taylor: TV Trailer

Do you think Helena Bonham Carter makes a better Elizabeth Taylor than Lindsay Lohan? Or do you think both are epic casting fails? Who would you cast? Sound off below.

  • czahnie

    this will probably send Ms Lohan back into another relapse….oh well.

    p.s that black and white Ossie Clarke kaftan is EVERYTHING!!!!!

  • Bratt

    It will be brilliant, I’m sure.

  • Chris

    Thank the lord for she has combed

  • Brayden

    Helena is such a wonderful actress! I’m sure this will be another great movie!