You act as if that’s a bad thing. LOL. Just as I had predicted, Christina Aguilera’s foray into acting is going to be a campy with a capital C. Actually, the C can be easily stand for cliche as well. In Burlesque’s movie trailer below, no “Star is Born” cliche is left out. Xtina buys a one-way ticket to Hollywood in search of fame, cue token rising sun over the Hollywood sign and insert infamous Hollywood and Vine street signs in the mix.

Obviously girl gets big break and dazzles the crowd, then proceeds to have hot well-lit sex, find her true love all the while navigating through the metaphorical shark-infested waters of Los Angeles. Phew, I can’t believe the talented Stanley Tucci signed on for this. I guess it was TOO GAY to pass up.

After watching the two-minute trailer, it’s obvious Burlesque will be the movie to beat at next year’s Oscars. And lest we forget Christina Aguilera being honored for her riveting turn as Ally in this cheesy musical. Okay, I should probably lay off making fun of the trailer too much, because we all know I’ll end up watching the movie and probably liking it. Heck, I LOVED Showgirls and didn’t mind Glitter.

To be fair, Aguilera’s acting is far less wooden then both Elizabeth Berkley and Mariah Carey respectively. I’ll reserve full judgment until Burlesque hits theaters Thanksgiving this Fall, before I completely bash praise it. One thing is guaranteed, the soundtrack and dancing will undoubtedly be off the hook.

Just in case you missed them the first time around watching the trailer, here’s a reminder of the fantastic dialogue in the clip:

“What happened to all the great dancers in L.A.? They’re all on Dancing With The Stars.” – love the DWTS reference considering Julianne Hough is in the flick as well.

“When you are putting on makeup, it’s like you’re an artist. But instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting a face.” – OH Cher, you chose this as your comeback?

“What is Ally short for?” “Alice.” “Well, welcome to wonderland.” – Stanley Tucci, you really need a new agent.

So what did you think of the trailer? Did you love it? Will you fork over your hard-earned cash to watch this flick? Or better yet, let’s keep our fingers crossed that Sony will give it the 3D treatment so we can fork over more money to see it in IMAX. Post all your haterade below.