Movie Review: Burlesque

Last night, I went to check out the prescreening of Burlesque with low expectations (which is always best), and you know what – I didn’t hate it! I’m always a bit leary when pop stars and musicians cross the border and step into movies. Britney in Crossroads. Mariah Carey in Glitter. You see, it doesn’t always work out. Justin Timberlake, however, has proven that it can be done, and I think Christina Aguilera has done it as well.

I think this movie was great for Aguilera. Her vocal abilities were highlighted among some legendary people and some of the hottest stars right now. Cher…legend! Kristen Bell…one of my new favorite actresses right now – she’s in everything! Stanley Tucci…hello!? Devil Wears Prada! Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy (and his sex tape) Dianna AgronGLEE! And most importantly, Cam Gigandet (The. O.C., Twilight), who gets nekked in Burlesque! Nice combination, right?

The film starts off with Christina who plays Ali Rose, a small town girl that leaves her dead-end job and movie to L.A. to follow her dreams. She forces her way into working at a Burlesque nightclub, co-owned by Cher who plays Tess, as a waitress.

She gets the job from the sexy bartender Jack, played by Cam Gigandet. She befriends him and is really comfortable with him, thinking he’s gay because of the guyliner he wears…but she soon learns she’s wrong about which team he plays for.

Really, Ali longs to be on stage performing with the other girls, one of which is Nikki played by Kristen Bell. She’s the bitchy, and unreliable, star of the club. Bell played the role so well and looked fierce and even has her own solo in the beginning. After getting broken into, Ali shows up on Jack’s doorstep with no place else to go. He offers to let her stay with him.

Ali gets her big break at the club when Nikki proves unreliable and Tess gets Ali to replace her in a dance number. When Nikki tries to sabotage it by turning off the track, Ali belts out a number in a voice that no one knew she even had. Immediately following the performance, Tess announces that she’s building a new show around her.

Throughout the film, Tess is struggling to keep the club open, facing insolvency in the near future. Eric Dane’s character, wants to buy the club, but she won’t have it. When he sees Ali’s performance, he starts trying to woo her with his money, and essentially tries to woo her away from the club.

Stanley Tucci plays Tess’s right hand man, in charge of wardrobe and making the girls look good. Essentially, the same role he played in The Devil Wears Prada. He’s got some hilarious lines in the film and even has a one night stand…with a guy.

When Jack and his long distance fiance, played by Dianna Agron, breakup, he reveals his true feelings for Ali, and she for him. This is where he gets naked and they get it on. The guy has one amazing body. The two become an item, but things get rocky when Agron shows up and catches the two in bed.

Ali ends up figuring out a way to help Tess save the club and the all conflicts are wrapped up by the end. Nikki and Ali even seem like they’ll start getting along, after being rivals the whole film.

MOVIE RATING: 3 out of 5 stars




    Oh Patrick…I guess there really is no accounting for taste.
    This movie was AWFUL.

  • I could hear your anger all the way at my house. 😉 You crack me up

  • Hahaha maybe if Lady Gaga was the star you would have liked it?

  • …Or maybe even Kesha – since you’re now on that wagon 😉 haha

  • It’s not that fact that I don’t like Christina that I didn’t like this movie. It’s the fact that shes a SHIT actress Patrick.

    She in 100% completely unbelievable as a down and out waitress, who moves to LA with absolutely NO backstory as to why, and then waitresses 3 nights and then BAM shes a HUGE Diva on stage and can do anything.

    It’s the fact that her DIVA-ness on stage, which isn’t a bad thing because even though I didn’t like her last album, she CAN sing, doesn’t work as this small town shy girl.

    I also think this was just a lame way of getting another Christina “album” out without it being an official Christina album.

    And no, I”m not on the Kesha bandwagon, I JUST said I didn’t HATE HER at the AMA’s.

    Sidenote…I think singers who act as singers in movies are pathetic. They’re just acting as themselves, and half the time they can’t even get that right.

  • Eileen

    I am dying to see Burlesque! All the clips I’ve seen I already luv and the soundtrack is awesome. Christina Aguilera is all that! And Cam Gigandet is a totally HOTTIE!

  • Eileen

    I saw Burlesque yesterday and I LOVED IT! Fun, fun, fun. Everyone was terrific. The music is slammin’. I enjoyed myself. Christina & Cam are my new fave on-screen couple. 😉

  • Brandon

    Like all PG13 movies, it only shows male nudity, female nudity is covered so there’s no female nudity in this movie, which proves that most american filmakers or directors are gay.

  • Carissa

    So i saw this movie 3 times already and every time i see it it gets better and better. I love it and everyone else can go suck a dick. 🙂 Best movie of 2010 for sureee

  • cassie jones

    This movie is uh-amazingly good !!! its the perfect combination of romance and tragedy !!

  • @Patrick I don’t mind Lady Gaga playing Ali…