Well back in August, Patrick wrote an article about the LGBT community being up in arms in L.A. over Buju Banton coming to town. Buju Banton is a reggae/dancehall singer with a huge career and tons of longevity. I remember listening to him in highschool ironically enough, but can’t say that I have, or will ever again turn on his music.

Specifically his lyrics for an old song of his “Boom, Bye Bye” is what mostly set this off. Although not the only homophobic lyrics in his music, this is the song that says how the “faggots get up and run”, how “they have to die”, explaining how exactly he’ll shoot them in the head, even “burn them up bad”. Yeah.

So after a lot of protesting, and successful protesting at that (standing up for what you believe in makes a difference), the concert was cancelled. Well now Buju’s gotten himself into a little more hot water. By a little I mean he’s lookin’ at 20-30 years in the clinker. Buddy was busted with 5 KILOS OF COKE, and now his supporters are screaming “GAY CONSPIRACY!”. Well, maybe that’s not a direct quote, but check out this from the Miami Herald:

“They are convinced it’s directly connected to the concert he had recently,” said Winston Barnes, a Miramar city commissioner and host of a popular Jamaican talk show on WAVS (1170-AM). “What they are saying is that he got off that time and they are fixing him now.”

Barnes tried without success to reason with callers, most of whom also viewed the arrest as an attack on reggae music. “It is one big mess.”

In Jamaica, people clamored for details of the arrest, decrying it on radio and on street corners.

“A lot of people are wondering if it has any links with the fight against him,” well-known Jamaican dub poet Mutabaruka said from Kingston. “We are trying to get more information.”

It sounds like it’s getting messy. And what better way to clean up your own image then by turning people on a group that’s already known to be hated by those people. Easy target right? But this is getting a little hardcore. P.S. That’s right reggae community. American Law Enforcement loves the gays just that much. They defend us ALLL the time, and go to such lengths to stand up for our honour that they helped us frame Buju with kilos worth of coke just to put him behind bars and stop the discrimination. Have you gone and lost your mother bleepin’ mind? Maybe you’re “hero” is GUILTY.

Honestly, the severe degree of hate against LGBT people in Jamaican communities is so shocking. Not only is it just tolerated, but as with Buju and many other reggae and dancehall artists, it’s accepted and celebrated. I don’t care if you’re black or white or short or fat or from Jamaica or Canada: those words come out of anyone’s mouth, and they’re disgusting human beings.

I could care less if he was framed (still makes me laugh), or if he dabbles in massive quantities of drugs. I don’t care if they keep blaming the gays, or come to their senses. My verdict? Put the bastard away for good.