Travel: Buenos Aires

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I am missing the amazing weather & wearing summer clothing. The trip in summary was fun, filled with sight seeing, eating, shopping & some night life. There were lots of great things about Buenos Aires but there were also some things that were a bit annoying.

1. Food

Food was very affordable and amazing. I could not get enough of the empanadas! Argentina is known for their beef and there was no shortage of that. Everyone you turn is a parilla serving various amazing cuts of meat cooked on the grill. Palermo Hollywood has the best assortment of restaurants. Be careful though, specially if you have a sensitive stomach, the organisms in the food may upset your digestive system.

2. Weather

Even though it did rain a couple of days when we were there, it was a nice break from the intense sun. The weather ranged from tank top/shorts weather to hoodie/jeans. So pack a good assortment of clothing if you go in February.

3. Shopping

There is lots of shopping to be had specially around Palermo SOHO. Anywhere from local goods, international brands and vintage & antiques. The vendors are not aggressive which is nice. A vast difference from other touristy destinations.

4. Sightseeing

There’s tons of places to look at and absorb culture & history. We visited places like the Recoleta Cemetery where Evita lies, Puerto Madero which is a very modern & affluent area that can rival any city in the world. We did a day trip to Tigre which is a small town north of Buenos Aires city, there we had lunch, walked around and did a catamaran tour of the rivers where many houses sat on the coast. If there is one thing on your to-see list I would suggest skipping, it would be La Boca. It’s a bit far and when you get there, there is really nothing much to do. La Boca is a bit rough and scary so if you do choose to go, go early and leave well before the sun goes down.

5. Money

The country deals with mostly cash. When you withdraw money from the bank machines it spits out 100 peso bills but most business will not accept the large bill (even though for us it’s actually only $20). The best place to break these bills are at the Subway, always use your 100 peso bills to break them into smaller denominations. The 100 peso fiasco was annoying specially when you’re trying to pay for your cab rides. Beware of handing a 100 peso note to cabbies as some have been knows to switch them into counterfeit bills when they hand them back to you asking if you have smaller bills.

In conclusion, as much as I enjoyed the trip, I probably will not go back to the city. It generally feels like any other city and the lack of beaches is a major downside (at least for me). If I were to ever come back, I would skip the city and go to Mendoza (where all the wineries are), Patagonia and see sights like Iguazu Falls.

  • Although I haven’t seen much of Buenos Aires, Argentina is an amazing country with a fascinating culture. I’ve only been to Patagonia, and I highly recommend it–the scenery is spectacular!

  • Rob

    Me I’m argentinean living in Buenos Aires. I would say the city is prettier in autumn when it turns very pale and romantic; or spring when the streets are all painted in blue with all the jacarandas in bloom (Google Images of “Buenos Aires jacarandas” and see what I’m talking about 😉

    I agree with you though, if you want to see something really special now that you’ve traveled all the way down here, there are a lot of great places and different landscapes if you go around the country and not just Buenos Aires

    thanks for coming though, glad you enjoyed your stay =)