Travel: Buenos Aires, Argentina

So this year’s big trip has been decided and it will be Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 10-day trip has been booked for February. I haven’t really thought much about it until this week where the temperatures in Toronto have dropped to -20.

We booked three apartments in a building complex in the Palermo Hollywood area, a 2-bedroom and two 1-bedrooms. There are 8 people going on this trip and we are looking forward to taking in the scenery, culture, food & nightlife. While there, so far I have only done enough research to know that I want to see the Evita Museum and visit a winery.

Help me with tips by entering them on my “Must See Map” here: or by leaving a comment on this post.

Thank you in advance for the recommendations!

I will write another post with photos and a summary of things we did, ate and explored. Hope everyone is coping well with the Winter blues!

  • bruin

    hey buenos aires is really fun. enjoy and be safe. party party party. it’s summer time and it’s 24/7. recommendation: MATE TEA.

  • Luciano

    You are going to be very welcome in Buenos Aires! we have 21 degree and it´s a cold night! You should go to The casa rosada, you have some guide tours, go to some museums, MALBA, Bellas Artes, Cementerio de la Recoleta, where Evita is resting, go to some disco and eat argentinian meat! any kind….enjoy my city! And welcome again! Hugs of an Argentinian reader!

  • Thanks guys!

  • Hugh

    Hey Redd, I hope you have a great trip. Just thought I’d mention, the main wine region of Argentina is in Mendoza which is the other side of the country from Buenos Aires. I live in Mendoza and my boyfriend is the manager of a winery so if you’d like some some tips of where to stay / wineries to see let me know.