Behind The Cast: I Miss My Bed

I must warn you now. This is not the most interesting post, just a few rambling thoughts and comments about my life the past month. As promised last week, I’m making a concerted effort to write BTC (Behind The Cast) posts more often.

With my week long trip to Los Angeles winding down, the only thing I can think of is… sleeping in my own bed. For the past five weeks, I’ve literally slept in my own bed for maybe six nights. I’m pretty easy-going guy when it comes to sleeping accommodations. I can sleep practically anywhere, but there’s something extra comfortable about lying in our own sheets and resting your head on your favorite pillow.

After weeks of traveling to Amsterdam, Paris, Dublin, London, Seattle and Los Angeles, not only do I miss my bed but I’ve realized I’m not a fan of living out of a suitcase. I don’t know how people who travel all the time do it. No matter how well I think I packed, there is always something I wish I had brought. My absolute favorite thing to do when I get home is to do laundry. Packing dirty clothes in my suitcase is one of my biggest pet peeves. So much so, I have a “dirty clothes bag” that I always carry so my soiled clothes never mingle with my clean ones.

As much fun I’ve had in all the cities I’ve traveled, I am looking forward to getting home and getting back into a routine, quiet time and most of all my family, friends and Brian. I’m definitely going to cherish it until I have to do this all over again in just a couple of weeks. With summer around the corner, May, June and July are shaping to be hectic travel months as well.

Next week I’ll have more pictures uploaded to our gallery from Oct 2009-Dec 2009. I’m slowly starting to catch up on my photos. Til next time, I hope you all have a great week.