Behind The Cast: It’s Been Two Months, Exactly

Exactly two months ago I made the leap and moved to SoCal to start a new life.  It’s been a journey for sure, with unexpected expenses, missing friends/family, work woes and (mostly) highs and a little bit of a challenge meeting new people.  But for the most part, I love it here.  A couple weekends ago I went “home” (to Seattle) for my birthday and while I was ecstatic to see friends and family, I left feeling a little underwhelmed by the city.  I was expecting to show up and feel a huge rush of emotions ranging from “why did I leave my life?!” to “I miss the green landscape and the blue water and rain and clouds, I wanna come back!”  While I do miss my friends and family immensely and have always loved the NW weather, when I returned to LA I realized that this is now home.  I was comfortable here and the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood was familiar and strangely calming.  Definitely a  bit of a shock that I had mentally made the transition already.

Maybe this feels like home quicker than I thought because I didn’t really have a ‘normal’ place to stay in Sea (like my mom’s house or my own bedroom) and maybe when summer arrives I’ll really start feeling the homesick bug, but for the time being, I am completely happy with my new surroundings.  It’s sunny, the men are mostly beautiful (just need to meet a few… more…), there is no shortage of activities and the potential for career growth here is great.  I’m not sure how quickly I’ll want to move away from here, so now the challenge is to convince all my friend to move down :).  I’ve already got a couple in the works.

A few highlights after two months:

  • Nightlife – always poppin’ and day drinks with your friends is wonderful because of all the patios and outside bars, great for people watching
  • Entertainment Industry – LA is the capitol of entertainment so there is never a shortage of opportunities to see celebs and maybe even go to the tapping of a hit tv show (coughamericanidolcough)
  • Career Booster – so so so many opportunities to network and build your career, even in a recovering economy
  • Food – never a shortage of good restaurant options; new favorite burger joint “The Counter” – build your own burgers = heaven
  • Weather – while I still love rainy and cloudy, I will admit I like the sun and my increasingly tanned skin

So, that’s about it.  Things are going well and I’m only hoping they continue to get better.

  • bruin

    griddle cafe on sunset. amazing pancakes! then work it out at runyon hah
    glad you like LA. weho is a cute place.

  • Thanks for the reco! I love breakfast and still need to make my way over to runyon to run-some (buh-dun-cha).

  • Bruin

    Yeah so many places. Also do cha cha chicken and urth cafe in Santa Monica you’ll love it!