Let me just preface this post by saying, I know how utterly ridiculous this is but it’s the weekend, what better time for some lighthearted fluffy fun.

Wanna know the love of Bruno Mars’ life? I know you do. With a huge record underneath his belt and a bright future, you’d think Mars’ could get any woman he wants. That may very well be true, but he’s busy pining after something else. So much so, he collaborated with longtime songwriting partner Phil Lawrence to declare his love for PopChips. And not just any old flavor but for Sour Cream & Onion. Check out the chorus of their new track, “Love Gone Sour” (don’t you just love that title).

Sour cream and onion
I love the way you taste
Sour cream and onion

Obviously this is a promotional viral video for the tasty snack, but I still love it and the chips. Seriously, I’m addicted to PopChips. They’re the “in” snack at the moment and can be found at all the hottest boutique hotels. It’s kinda funny how you can simply interchange the chip flavor for a girl’s name and have a typical gettin’ bussay R&B song. This clip is the latest in an ongoing relationship between Mars and PopChips. Their branding was all over his last concert tour. Check out the song below.

Bruno Mars “Love Gone Sour”

It just goes and prove that if you have a good voice, you can sing anything. Bruno Mars can sing the telephone book to me and it would sound good. That boy sure has one sexy voice. Love, love, love him.