Real Life Survivor Villain: Producer Officially Charged With His Wife’s Murder

The Tribe authorities have spoken! Bruce Beresford-Redman, a producer of the hit premiere reality tv show Survivor, has been officially charged by the Mexican authorities for the murder of his wife, Monica. He was ordered to stay in Mexico, but had returned to LA last week. Now, there’s a warrant for his arrest.

His wife Monica had been found murdered (by strangling) at the Cancun resort they were vacationing at. His wife was hoping that they’d be able to rebuild their relationship after it was discovered that Redman was having an affair with a coworker. They always say that ninety something percent of murders are someone close to the person!

Sorry – no hidden immunity idol for this Villain and his horrible crime – if he did it…

He maintains his innocence and his lawyer, Richard Hirsch, said in a statement today, “it appears that this case is being handled in a manner outside the normal procedures in Mexico. It is our understanding that the issuance of an arrest warrant normally entails a detailed judicial review that takes anywhere from several weeks to several months. It appears that the way this matter is being handled constitutes a rush to judgment.”

He also released a statement from Redman himself, stating the following:

“I am devastated at her loss; and I am incensed at the suggestion that I could have had anything to do with her death. I am innocent. My children have had one parent taken from them by a senseless act of violence. I implore the Mexican authorities not to take their remaining parent by a miscarriage of justice and to do what is right not just what is expedient.”

Do you think he did it?