The Men of Brothers & Sisters: Who Is The Sexiest?

Onto it’s fifth season, ABC’s Brothers & Sisters has brought some pretty hunky eye candy into our living rooms. Whether one of the handsome Walkers, or those that date their way into the Walker family, they’re always welcome on the screen in my eyes. Now, that being said, who is your favorite sexy man of the whole bunch?

I’ve comprised a list of seven of the main men on the show, including the late “Robert McCallister,” because it would so wrong to not include Rob Lowe in a poll about the hot men in the show – even if he’s not on it anymore. I mean, he was in the majority of the seasons thus far so he’s earned it. With that, I will say some of the studs that I’m not going to include, because they weren’t on the show for long enough. Firstly, Luke Grimes, who played Ryan Lafferty, looked hot in the scene where he wore nothing but his boxers in front of Rebecca. Eric Winter earns a mention, playing Jason McCallister, Robert’s gay brother and Kevin’s love interest. Also a man of Kevin’s, Chad Berry, played by Jason Lewis, played the sexy closeted actor who fell for Kevin. Lastly, the father of Sarah’s children, Joe Whedon, played by John Pyper-Ferguson, was a character made for you to dislike, he’s the type of guy that cleans up well once he’s off set and away from his hippy, long-haired character. Don’t worry, a picture of these boys is included at the end of the post.

Now time to choose your favorite…

Dave Annable – “Justin Walker”

Formerly the drug addict that was constantly messing up turned the guy that’ll do anything for love and for his family, Justin is pretty handsome guy – especially since the grey hair has been growing in. A salt & pepper man in the making. In real life, he recently married Odette Yustman, one of the stars of the hilarious comedy, “You Again”. Although he’s not my first choice, he’s handsome, in great shape, and has a great smile.

Matthew Rhys – “Kevin Walker”

One of the most complicated characters on the show, Kevin was the only openly gay family member before his Uncle Saul stepped out of the closet himself. Kevin may not have the chiseled abs that his on screen boyfriend has, or that some of the other male cast also have, but he has great skin, great eyes, and also a great smile. To top it off, in real life he has a British accent – sexy!

Balthazar Getty – “Tommy Walker”

I always have trouble with these characters that are sort written as the bad seeds, because you become so invested in the characters of the show, if affects what you think of them in other ways. Balthazar has that bad boy edge to his good looks, and he like Rhys, may not have the most cut body, he definitely has sex appeal.

Luke Macfarlane – “Scotty Wandell”

Scotty, or Luke McFarlane as he’s known as in real life, has certainly grown on me. He does such a great job at being the character that is Scotty, that I don’t always see how good looking this guy actually is. He’s actually one of the sexiest guys on the show! There are also two other big things he has in his favor to up his sexy factor. The first is that he’s Canadian. The second, is that he’s unofficially been dating the gorgeous Prison Break star, Wentworth Miller for years. I say unofficially because they all but talk about it.

Jeremy Davidson – “Jack Randall”

The newest of the bunch, Jack Randall is Kitty’s new love interest, replacing Rob Lowe. Kitty (Calista Flockhart), is incredibly lucky that she gets to “Fancy Feast” on hot guy after hot guy on this show. I wonder how Harrison Ford feels about that! Anyway, Jeremy Davidson has been sans shirt quite a bit already and nobody has been complaining. Before this, he played Chase Morgan on Army Wives. He is incredibly sexy and has the beefiest chest of the bunch.

Gilles Marini – “Luc Laurent”

It’s almost not fair to put this guy on the list because he plays an underwear model on the show, did full frontal as Dante on Sex and the City: The Movie, competed in Dancing With The Stars and has one of the Top 10 best dances ever, and he looks like…that. The French actor is extremely good looking, has the perfect body, and had a French accent to boot.

Rob Lowe – “Robert McCallister”

As I mentioned, how can I not include him even though they killed off his character. His powerful presence, gorgeous eyes, and killer body make him one of the front runners on this list. Back in 1988, he was involved in a sex scandal over a videotape of him having sex with two women, one of whom was 16. Dirty/bad boy!

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“Sorry, You Weren’t On The Show Enough” Pictures

Caption: From Left To Right, Luke Grimes, Jason Lewis, John Pyper-Ferguson, and Eric Winter. Grrrrrrrr.

  • Sorry Luc, i’m going with Jack on this one… i’m in a bear phase these days 😛

  • gay person

    matthew rhys = gorgeous and sexy.
    wish he was the ‘real life’ gay and not luke macfarlane.

  • gay person 2

    Luke Macfarlane is so much hotter than Matthew Rhys.
    Thank god he is gay.

  • Brett

    Yessss I’m so glad Scotty is winning this one – I’ve always had such a soft spot for him and he’s totally been hitting the gym as of late. When he came out in the wifebeater last week??? Sexy.

  • Leon Walker

    I can’t believe how low Rob Lowe is!!! Scotty got hotter with ever season!! But for me at always Dave Annable!!