‘Bromans’ Cast Get Naked For First Day In Ancient Rome

ITV’s gladiator-inspired series, Bromans, finally arrived and it’s exactly the guilty pleasure viewing I was hoping for. Within minutes, the entire male cast was instructed to remove all their clothing. They stood in the scorching hot sun, with only their hands covering their naughty bits, as their girlfriends dug in the sand for clothes to cover them up.

Bromans transports eight 21st century lads back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators. The very best will make it through to the Emperor’s Games where one of them will emerge victorious and take home the Emperor’s gold (which today works out at ‘approximately’ £10,000!).

If you haven’t already done so, check out my ranking of the guys and cast your vote for your favorites. Check out the eye-catching segment below from the premiere episode. Thankfully British censors didn’t blur out the good parts 😉

  • Colorful Kent

    straight. not homo.

  • tim simms

    Oh, they made absolutely sure that it didn’t even seem a bit gay. “…not that there’s anything wrong with it.” (my line for homophobes who lie to themselves)

  • Colorful Kent

    bromorazzi covers too many straight men.