Back in May, Patrick introduced us to a few straight boys who created a lip dub video to Carly Rey Jepsen’s smash #1 hit, “Call Me Maybe.” The video gained some serious viral hits with their homoerotic tendencies. However, they did get a lot of flack for not really knowing the words. Come on boys, even my grandma knows the words to that catchy hook. Now, they’re back with “Brokebackhearted.”

Singing along to “Brokenhearted” by Karmin, the boys are up to their typical homoerotic nature, taking off their shirts, dancing around and teasing the audience with just enough to keep us watching. Unlike their last video, the boys studied up on the lyrics and choreographed some more dance moves to up the anti. Overall, it’s a hilarious video and a great song for the summer. Check it out below.

“Brokebackhearted” Video Parody