As mentioned in my previous 54-40 and Aerosmith concert reviews, I’ve been fortunate to catch a few different shows over the past few weeks. Two days before the 54-40 show at the Commodore Ballroom, I was there for the Broken Social Scene concert on October 13th (the first of two back-to-back shows). Again, I have to admit that their indie-ness kept them off my radar and prior to the show I was only faintly familiar with their music.

Man, have I been missing out! Their opening act, The Sea and Cake, set the tone for the night – it was going to be an epic few hours of music. Although they replicated that of a group of 40-year-old has-beens, as openers they put on a really good show. Hailing from Chicago, their eclectic style had the concertgoers pushing to the front of the stage long before the main act took to the stage. Head nodding and toe tapping to the max, they guys had my attention from the first song – sticking mainly to tunes from their latest (and eighth) studio album, Car Alarm.

Seriously, check them out:

After a brief intermission (just long enough to hit the washroom and grab another beer), Broken Social Scene (BSS) took to the stage. Or should I say, the first few band members took to the stage. If you aren’t familiar with BSS then you need to learn. Their band is ever changing and evolving depending on the song they are performing. I believe I counted five different ‘lead’ singers throughout the night as the endless rotation of instruments and specialties displayed themselves. The perfect word to describe this performance is simply, showcase. Endless talents combined with amazing voices always leaves me breathless, and BSS did just that – I was speechless (and a little hard-of-hearing the next morning).

Despite my lack of knowledge and the inability to sing along with the rest of the crowd to their staple ‘hits’, I was enthralled with the crowds mixed reactions to each different tune as they announced it and began playing. One song, Anthem for a Seventeen Year Old Girl sent almost every girl into a tizzy of emotion and cameras and video cameras shot to the sky to capture every moment of this enrapturing rendition. My personal favorite tune (and now on the repeat cycle on my iPod) is Sweetest Kill. Mother of the universe, where have I been all this time?

Don’t hesitate for a second; learn more about this band now. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Check out their website for more information and start buying/downloading their music today!