Model Behavior: Broderick Hunter

They say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I can only imagine what Broderick Hunter tastes like. Those are some calories I don’t mind burning 😉 He is one fine looking man. SLURP. The second I saw his gorgeous lips, I knew I had to feature him for my weekly Model Behavior series. I’m sure you’ll agree after eying his work.

Raised in Los Angeles, Hunter began his modelling career after being scouted by agent Michael Maddox. The former basketball player soon found himself scoring major editorials for Italian GQ and Paris Vogue. He recently appeared in the DSquared Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show in Milan. The 6’2″ stud also appeared as the love interest in Ciara’s “Sorry” music video. Broderick is so sexy, all of The Wanted’s ladies in their “Warzone” clip end up cheating with him. Who can blame them? Check out Hunter’s hot “body of work” below.

Broderick Hunter Model Stats

Height: 6’2″
Waist: 31
Shoe: 12
Hair: black
Eyes: brown

Didn’t I preach the gospel? Those lips are heavenly.

Front or back, Broderick is a feast for the eyes from any view.

I’m in love.

Instagram… more like insta-hard-on 😉

50 shades of red.

Love, love, love this photo. I’d actually blow this up and put in my home.

No need to think about it Broderick. You are hot.

Tighty whities on that tight body. Perfect combo.

Hands off Ciara. He’s mine.

Those jeans need to come off stat.

Who wouldn’t want to roll around in the sand with that?

Channeling his inner Miami Vice.

Can’t get enough of those kissable lips.

So handsome.

Some VPL action for you.

He’s got arresting looks.

I’d go on a tropical vacay with him anytime.

How cute are those boxers?

Strutting it out.

My, what a large backpack he has.

He doesn’t smile nearly as much as he should. Such an adorable smile.

Ciara ‘Sorry’ Music Video

The Wanted ‘Warzone’ Music Video

Model Behavior: Is Broderick Hunter Hot?

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  • Cristo

    At least you’re including men of color…

  • Henry

    Yeah, that’s like the 10th man of color out of a gazillion guys on this site since its inception

  • Chelsea

    I’ve been a fan of Mr. Hunter for months now!! The Ciara video made me fall head over heels in love with him. He’s amount the top 10 black male models today..(I do my research)

  • Aaron

    I don’t usually go for black men, but sweet Jesus!! I need his name, number, and address! That nude bag one is going to be on my wall 😉 what lady or boy wouldn’t like Broddy?!

  • JeanLucCouture

    wow…..loved the high-necked woven sweater….oh, yeah, and he’s PHYNE….i must say, i get angry with the lack of men of color i’ve seen since discovering this site, but when you do feature one, you sure do it well

  • Amanda

    I’ve seen him roaming the streets in Milan and NYC!! He’s anticipated to be the new Tyson Beckford!! I hope he makes it, that man is DELISSHHHH

  • Chris

    I came back to this for the 4th time JUST to see his gorgeous ass. And no shade but there are some HOT nudes you over looked 😉 lol. #TEAMBRODERICKHUNTER!!!!

  • Phillip

    Thanks for sharing his gorgeous self! I do have to add to what some others have said here, it’s great to see him, but he’s probably the 2nd person of color I’ve ever seen on this site…

    It’s very possible that you weren’t aware of it being perceived that way. But just wanted to let you know.

  • Finally a model worthy of taking over Tyson Beckford’s throne. Now lets put together our own version of that famous Arena Homme Plus cover of the NEW MODEL ARMY. Then it was Cameron, Schenkenburg, Beckford, Boris etc. now who will it be Osprey, Mario, Broderick and who else…..? Boy is OFF THE CHAIN!!!

  • Greg

    HELL YESS!!! He WILL be huge. I’ve seen his work before and I’m waiting for him to blow. Follow his twitter @broderickhunter. Unlike most top models, if you show him love he’ll reply. (Most of the time). He’s very humble. I’ve met him once in NYC. (Should’ve took a picture with him). Thank you for the feature..


  • Cindy

    Love his look!! But HIGHLY upset I didn’t see him in the dsquared2 show recently (point being because he was in the previous one) am I the only one that sees a mix of Tyson Beckford and Trey Songz? Hope we see more of Mr. Hunter!!

  • Erica

    I will have his babies…

  • Jessica

    Jesus….IS ALIVE

  • Jon

    About time you had some color on there!

  • Allison

    Finally a man of color and a damn good one

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