Model Behavior: Brock Harris

After a several weeks of featuring dark-haired hotties, I thought it was long overdue to objectify a blue-eyed blond stud for this week’s Model Behavior. Meet American male model Brock Harris. The 23-year-old hails from Stillwater, Oklahoma but now resides in New York. Harris made a big splash on the modeling scene a couple years ago when he landed a much-talked about cover for Tetu. Instantly, he became an overnight sensation due to his exposure in the French gay magazine. That led to a extremely hot wrestling ad campaign for Asics.

In his spare time, the former real-life wrestler loves to spend time in the outdoors. From hunting, fishing, boating, horseback riding and swimming, this stud loves to do it all. He’s currently pursuing acting but still works as a model on the side. We can all give a collective “hallelujah” on that. The world would be seriously deprived if Brock decided to stop showing off his natural assets for us to lust after. Check out a few of my favorite pics below.

Brock Harris Model Stats

Height: 5’11”
Waist: 30
Shoe: 10.5
Hair: blond
Eyes: blue

Let’s start the gawking off on the right foot with a hot wet-shirt. Don’t you just want to rip it off him? Arms look pretty sexy.

Someone looks ready to be pinned down.

Thought you’d enjoy another pic of his defined obliques. So effing hot.

Showing you a little thigh and back. All angles look pretty good to me.

I love me a cowboy.

Giddy up mister, because I’m about to take you for a ride. LOL.

When one shirtless picture isn’t enough. Double the fun with two.

I bet his treasure trail leads to a bountiful of jewels.

Clean shaven or scruffy? Me likey both.

My, oh my. Where do I sign for that pretty package?

YOWZA, broad shoulders. Doesn’t he sorta look like Kellan Lutz?

It’s a shame he has no one to go skinny dipping with. Any volunteers?

Sign says he’s closed, but he sure looks open for business.

Hate the clothes in the photo, but he looks really sexy smoking up.

Personally, I think he should just walk around naked. Clothes do nothing for him. LOL.

For some reason I find him really hot in this picture.

I’m so obsessed with the chic urban cowboy styling in this photo, I had to include the uncropped version of the main pic I used. Not only do I want him, but everything he’s wearing.

  • Libre

    Yes! He does sorta look like Kellan Lutz… YUM!

  • Guest


  • guest

    how is this guy not in movies?

  • J Russell

    God I would watch TV 24/7 and every re-run he has for the rest of my life…….just aBeautiful Man!!