Britney’s New Video for “Radar”



Radar was actually on her Blackout album, but they decided to re-release it onto her Circus album, probably because it is/was actually a good song and didn’t really get the attention it deserved with all of the drama going on in her life during her “Blackout.” This is the fourth single off of her platinum album Circus.

The video was shot at the end of May in Santa Barbara at a resort called Bacara Resort & Spa, and was directed by Dave Meyers. He worked with Britney on her “Lucky,” “Outrageous,” and “Boys” videos. The video is supposed to hit television on July 6th.

It’s definitely the classier Britney, as opposed to Slutty Britney in this video, but I find it to be quite boring. I love when she breaks out in dance with a bunch of hot backup dancers and unfortunately that doesn’t happen in this video. What do you think – you likey?

Check it out:

  • Nic O

    BOOOO! new link!

  • Link all fixed. T

  • Allan

    BOOO! New video please. I love you Britney, but really?

  • Brett

    Haha I love Britney too, but what the hell is this video?? The first time I watched it I honestly started to laugh out loud when the showed the horse being hosed down during the line ‘animal in the sack.’ I was pretty sure it was going to end with her ditching both her men and riding bareback off into the sunset on that big horse.

    I do love when she dances up against walls though. And the part where she turns around with that big hat on and says “I’ve got my eye on you” is soooo hot, probably my favourite shot of the video.

    Otherwise it’s a very pretty video in terms of colours and sets and so on, but it’s also pretty boring.