Britney Spears: Top 10 Music Videos

In the spirit of the upcoming release of the Britney Spears new album “Femme Fatale,” I’ve decided to revisit and update a list I first created a couple years ago, reviewing her music videos and compiling a list of Britney’s Top 10 Music Videos of all time. She’s had her ups and downs, but Britney is back on top of the world again, proving she’s here to stay. Excluding the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney’s career goes back to 1998 when her first video was made and the former teen star is turning 30 this year and is the mother of two.

In the past few years, she toured the world, bringing the Circus from city to city, and recently broke records with her latest single “Hold It Against Me” with its visual masterpiece music video directed by Jonas Akerlund.

Here are Britney’s Top Ten Music Videos of all time…

10. Hit Me Baby One More Time

Year: 1998
Album: Baby One More Time
Director: Nigel Dick
Theme: Catholic School

Released when I was in grade 11 (Britney and I are the same age), this video takes place in high school and is Britney’s first release, launching her to super stardom. Britney’s famous slutty Catholic school pig-tail look that has been spoofed on SNL and copied by countless Britney impersonators originates from this video. I think what we love about this video is all the dancing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people complain about Brit Brit’s more recent videos and how little dancing she does, in comparison to back in the day. Well, it doesn’t get more back in the day than her first video. This is the Britney we fell in love with.

9. Circus

Year: 2008
Album: Circus
Director: Francis Lawrence
Theme: Circus-themed

I LOVE the signature spraying on perfume at the beginning of the video, as well as the pre-Circus circus music to get you ready for what’s to come. I also can’t help but love the blatant product placement for BVLGARI during the intro as well, as it then transitions to Britney’s sexy silhouette in the spotlight with her top hat. I loved the build up, the glamour, and the bang on circus theme in this video. And, the shot where all the sparks go off behind her – fantastic!

8. Oops!… I Did It Again

Year: 2000
Album: Oops I Did It Again
Director: Nigel Dick
Theme: Future/Life On Mars

The whole life on Mars this is hilarious, but it works. Her skin tight red body suit is quite memorable in this video, as well as the aerial shots of her laying on a web light platform in a sexy white outfit. The dancing is great in this video, and I love Britney’s heartbreaker attitude to match the lyrics. Of course, how can I not mention the reference to Titanic….”But I thought the old lady threw it in the ocean in the end?” Haha, bitch! He went to the bottom of the ocean to get this diamond necklace and you still show him the door?

7. Me Against The Music

Year: 2003
Album: In The Zone
Director: Paul Hunter
Theme: Dancing, Nightclub

Britney and Madonna…before the famed Britney & Madonna (and Christina) kiss on MTV. This was just a little foreshadowing. There’s a lot to like about this video. First off, the fact that the Princess of Pop is in a music video with the Queen of Pop – that’s something right there. Second, Britney’s dancing in this is sharp and I love her sexy outfit & hat. She looks fierce, especially compared to Madonna. Madonna actually looks old and creepy in this video in comparison to Britney…which is something to love about this video as well – haha. The wall split between the two of them as the “take on this song” is pretty neat as well. Here’s the video.

6. Piece of Me

Year: 2007
Album: Blackout
Director: Wayne Isham
Theme: Paparazzi/Fame

Britney’s comeback. She comes back to win Video of the Year for this at the 2007 MTV Awards…and she deserved it. I just love that she touched upon all the insanity that was and is her life in terms of paparazzi and kinda worked it. I thought she looked sexy and it was good to see her confident and dancing again (if only for a bit)….this in comparison to her Gimme More video, which was SO boring…dark haired Britney dancing on a stripper pole for 3 minutes. I wish Gimme More had had a better video because I did really like the song. Oh, one more thing about the Piece of Me video: my friend Vincent Vanguard is in it. He’s the guy Britney drags into the bathroom and writes “SUCKER” in lipstick on his forehead. Cool, huh?

5. Hold It Against Me

Year: 2011
Album: Femme Fatale
Director: Jonas Akerlund
Theme: Britney Battling Britney

Britney is fierce in this visual masterpiece directed by Jonas Akerlund. The futuristic feel combined with Brit’s flawless beauty makes for a video you can’t take your eyes off of. I love the video because it is so different from everything else she’s done, and she pushes the boundaries by kicking the crap out of herself. She shows she’s a true icon, with the visuals of all of her previous videos, and that she’s larger than life, rising up like Alice In Wonderland in a futuristic version of her fairy tale life.

4. Stronger

Year: 2000
Album: Oops!… I Did It Again
Director: Joseph Kahn
Theme: Empowerment

This video is awesome, with an angry empowered Britney working a chair all by her lonesome…because her loneliness isn’t killin’ her no more. I also love a frantic, worked up Britney driving in thunder & lightening rain condition…”Here I go, on my own…” until the car stops and she decides to stand in the pouring rain and touch her face & body – you know, because she’s strong now, and it doesn’t matter if she gets wet and sexy. Check out her video here.

3. Womanizer

Year: 2008
Album: Circus
Director: Joseph Kahn
Theme: Revenge, Alter Egos, Sauna

I would say that this classifies as another weapon in Britney’s comeback from…you know…rock bottom (shaved head, MTV performance flop, drugs, shop lifting, hospitalization). And, she pulls it off. I personally think Britney gets sexier and sexier as she gets older. She looks fantasic in this video as she bares it all in the sauna. She loves to play different people in her videos, and this video is no exception. From waitress, to office employee, to girlfriend, to limo driver, Britney rocks each of the looks. Oh wow – I just had a flashback. With these multiple personalities and since I was just speaking of her “dark period,” remember when she used to talk to paparazzi with a British accent? Check out Womanizer.

2. Toxic

Year: 2004
Album: In The Zone
Director: Joseph Kahn
Theme: Alteregos, Superheroine, Revenge

You probably guessed that I was going to pick this one since it’s pretty much her best song as well. The heroine slash villain that Britney portrays in her revenge in Toxic is stellar. I love the fierce hot red/pink hair as she jets across the street in her motorcycle, only to later climb the side of high rise with black hair now (and a cape), to poison some guy that she’s done with. Her futuristic flight attendant outfit is pretty sweet too. All in all, this video really well made and compliments one of Britney’s best song.

1. I’m A Slave 4 U

Year: 2001
Album: Britney
Director: Frances Lawrence
Theme: Desire, Dancing, Sauna, Future

Hot, hot, hot….which is why it’s number one. The dancing is awesome. The outfit is fantasic. Everyone’s hanging out in some abandoned building looking all sweaty and sexy. What more could you ask for in a video? I also remember loving this video because Britney was really trying to step away from her good girl virgin persona. She wanted to take risks and shake want her momma gave her. And, this video was perfect for that! I mean, the beat and the lyrics of that song certainly demand a video like this, and she certainly delivered.

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  • topher

    Although Toxic is the better song, I think Slave 4 U is the better video.

  • i like

  • Luke

    No love for “Lucky”? I love that video and all of its cheesy goodness.

  • Jaykumar B

    Toxic hands down… but Slave for u is no.2 definitely… Womenizer is like the mother of all comebacks.. Brits proves she’s here to stay.. its Britney bitch!!

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