It’s the summer of Britney Spears everyone! With a super successful tour and a club hit that has even the straight boys dancing til’ the world ends, Britney remains a force to be reckoned with. A lot of so-so fans know her hits like “…Baby One More Time” or “Toxic,” but the true Britney fans would rather jam out to the less popular songs over the mainstream hits. 

As I browsed through my iPod the other day I began to think about just how many songs of hers are hardly recognized, but so fantastic. This was hard to narrow down, but without further adieu – Britney’s 10 most underrated songs.

10. Lonely

Off of one of my favorite albums of all time, Britney, “Lonely” is a song about is finally giving it up. It’s a sassy girl (gay) power anthem that everyone can relate to. Plus, Britney tries her hand at pop-rapping towards the end. Yes!

9. My Only Wish (This Year)

Every year Christmastime rolls around and we all hear the same old songs – namely Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” With beginning lyrics “last night I took a walk in the snow” and a catchy beat, this song makes even the biggest Scrooge want to skip and dance around the room.

8. Trouble

As a bonus track off of the album Circus, “Trouble” is fast-paced, classic sounding Britney song about letting loose. Brit sings about not wanting to lose control, but at the same time wanting to. Let’s face it; we’ve all been there.

7. Scary

Released on Japan’s deluxe edition of Femme Fatale, “Scary” is precious simply because our girl actually wrote the song. Before Femme Fatale was even released, this song was gaining popularity for it’s fun lyrics and sick beat. Singing about having a lust that is uncontrollable is an automatic hit by my standards.

6. Breathe On Me

Heavy breathing equals sex to the ears. “Breathe On Me” was featured on 2003’s In the Zone, a time when Britney was transitioning from a girl to a woman. To say this song is sexual is an understatement. Add this one to your “Getting Freaky” playlist.

5. Amnesia

Britney has the ability to sing about the most taboo of subjects, but with an innocent undertone. As another bonus track off of Circus, “Amnesia” is a song about meeting a hot guy and forgetting everything she knew before – including her current boyfriend.

4. Dramatic

Though it was a crazy time in her life, Blackout remains one of Britney’s best albums. It was gritty, raw and anything but nice. “Dramatic” was intended (but not released) for this album and showed the singer in a different light. Dropping her first F-bomb on a song, Britney definitely showed us that she’s “no more Mrs. Nice Girl”. Oh and if you want a good laugh, Youtube Heidi Montag trying her hand at the song.

3. He About to Lose Me

Having just been released on Femme Fatale, I haven’t really given this song enough time to gain momentum. “He About to Lose Me” is a song filled with lyrics that roll off the tongue paired with an infectious beat.

2. Autumn Goodbye

Taking it back to the very beginning of her career, “Autumn Goodbye” was released on the B-side of Britney’s first album. A song about losing love during an innocent time is something that anyone can relate to. A song like this reminds me why I fell in love with Britney’s music in the first place.

1. Quicksand

Written by Lady Gaga and sung by Britney Spears, “Quicksand” is a song sent from pop music heaven. The lyrics are a bit sad, but positive at the same time. Anyone that has gone through (or is going through) a breakup can sing his or her hearts out to this one. Best line: “Gotta keep on breathin’, baby even if we’re sinkin’.”