Britney Previews “Till The World Ends” And “Criminal” Tracks

Man, I can barely keep up with all the Britney SpearsFemme Fatale” teasers that she and Dr. Luke have been releasing – but I’m not complaining. The first teasers is “Till The World Ends” and it’s written by…wait for it, wait for it…Ke$ha! This is what the “Tik Tok” singer had to say about the song she wrote: “That song is me imagining her and any female musician touring the world. You know, when you go out, and you’re having an amazing, magical night and you don’t want to go to sleep and you want it to last until the world ends.” This has been confirmed to be her second single, with the above being the cover art for the track. The rumor is that the track will be released on March 14th.

Her manager, Larry Rudolph is extremely excited about the release of this track, telling MTV News, “I don’t think I’ve been this excited about releasing a Britney single in many, many years,” he said. “It’s that good. That’s all I’m gonna say about it at the moment. I haven’t heard a final mix of it, but I should get it in the next day or two. So far, what I’ve heard is just extraordinary. It really is amazing. Her fans will be very happy with it. I’m trying hard to get it out before the album comes out.”

The the next teaser is for a “flute” song called “Criminal,” produced by Max Martin and Shellback. From the 18 second clip, it may be my least favorite teaser so far, but it’s hard to tell with that short of a clip.

In other Femme Fatale news, Rodney Jerkins told MTV, “I did two songs on her album, and one of the songs I did, I brought in Travis Barker [Blink 182 drummer], and it’s got this rock feel which is out of the box, out of my norm, and I think it’s out of her norm as well.” He added, “[It’s] classic Britney spears, uptempo heavy, of course. It’s new and different.” Sounds amazing!

Check out the two previews below:



  • Nate

    The complete version leaked and is online now! It’s way better than the snippet and I love it even more the Hold It Against Me!I don’t know if you guys wanted to update on that but the final version of it will be premiering on Seacrest’s radio tomorrow 🙂

  • Patrick Davidson the full version…