Britney Spears’ Smurftastic New Video

Up until now I haven’t been the biggest fan of “Ooh La La” but after watching the clip, I’ve somewhat come around. Watching a glowing Britney Spears hang with cute Smurfs and her even cuter sons Sean Preston and Jayden James is too hard to resist. Even though the Marc Klasfeld-directed clip is on the simple side (it is for a kids movie after all), you simply can’t hate on it even if you tried. Not only does Brit look Smurftastic but she actually seems happy too. She’s one proud momma.

Britney revealed that her sons “were really, really good on set,” adding, “They were, like, acting, and my oldest son, Preston, was right on cue every time they would tell him to do something. Later on, I got to see what they actually did on camera and it was adorable.”

Spears begins the clip sitting in a theater with her boys. She magically then transports to the Smurf Village where she rocks out with Smurfette and the crew. Naturally, footage from Smurfs 2 is incorporated in the visual. After all, the track is meant to drive business to the sequel hitting theaters on July 31. Check out the too cute vid below.

Britney Spears ‘Ooh La La’ Music Video

  • DouggSeven

    She looks bored – and you know what? So am I.

  • Emily

    She looks beautiful! I know there is a lot of work that goes into that, but still- she looks great. And (I read this elsewhere) Jamie Lynn’s daughter Maddie is the girl behind them in the movie theater =)

  • EvChemical

    This is lazy. She’s literally standing/awkwardly dancing in front of a green screen, and unconvincingly. I don’t care if this is for a kids movie, you can make “kid friendly” without being this trite. Her acting has gotten worse, she seems uncomfortable in front of the camera.

    Seriously, if it took them more than an hour to film this, I’d be shocked.

  • Ryan

    ^Oh bitchy grumpy Ev and Doug. It was basically an advert for the film, which I don’t plan on seeing, but Britney looks great and her kids are adorable.

  • Brayden

    Cute video! Go Britney!

  • EvChemical

    @Ryan, part of my issue is that they equate kids, to watered down. Blackstreet (feat. Mya and Mase), M2M, and Christina Aguilera; all artist who have made music videos for kid’s films that weren’t as half-assed as this. Sorry for expecting quality entertainment from a woman who works as an performer.

  • jolincas

    I don’t care about the “quality entertainment”. She made this for her kids and just for fun, and she seems to be having it. She looks brighter and happier than ever. She is getting more comfortable with time. She is the only person I have never met who makes me feel happy if she seems happy. I love you, Britney.