Over the years, Britney Spears has provided some pretty visually stunning music videos. While some can be attributed to special effects and intricate choreography, others are HOT based solely on her jaw-dropping hunky male co-stars. While some of the highlighted hotties were lesser known fashion models, others have been up-and-coming actors and one of them even became Mr. Britney Spears.

Considering Britt has made numerous iconic music videos, only two of them have garnered her “Moon Man” statues from the MTV Video Music Awards- “Womanizer” and “Piece of Me“. VH1 also honored the pop princess by ranking her fourth in their “50 Greatest Women of the Video Era” countdown, behind Whitney, Janet and Madonna who was top dog. Though she’s worked with many well-respected directors like Billie Woodruff, Herb Ritts, and David LaChappelle to name a few, Spears reportedly often comes up with the the theme and storylines for her videos herself. She’s practically a female Martin Scorsese.

Her latest video “Hold It Against Me” is already a huge hit. On its first television telecast, over 3.5 million viewers watched its premiere. As of today, it’s racked up almost 5 million views on YouTube.


VIDEO: Sometimes, 1999
THEME: Teen Love, Unrequited Stalker Obsessing
After casting her cousin as her object of affection for “Baby One More Time” (she’s so Southern), model Chad Cole was chosen as Britney’s crush for her second video “Sometimes”. The Californian-born jock has appeared in print ads for Skechers, Buckle, Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie and Fitch (naturally). Not only is the blond, very handsome, but he’s also intelligent as well -he has a criminal justice degree from San Diego State University.


VIDEO: (You Drive Me) Crazy, 1999
THEME: 1950s Diner, Dance-offs
Before starring in the ultra-hip HBO show, “Entourage”, Adrian was busy filming crappy teen movies with annoying teen witch, Melissa Joan Hart. As part of the film’s promotion, the producers chose to re-appropriate one of Britney’s tracks and include it as part of the movie’s soundtrack. Grenier and Hart both appeared in the retro inspired video shoot. Since then, Grenier has gone on to star in major films like “The Devil Wears Prada”.


VIDEO: Oops!…I Did It Again, 2000
THEME: Futuristic life on Mars
Just like Britney’s other leading man Chad Cole, Swanson played college football. He even was named as most valuable player in the National All-Star Football Game in 1998. The dark haired cutie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. As a model, he was featured in Ralph Lauren, Skechers, Nike and Adidas ads. With those adorable dimples, I can see why he was booked so often. When I was doing research for Eli, I came across this entry in Urban Dictionary. Wow, this obviously must be some sort of a prank. Either that or someone really has a hate-on for a “Eli Swanson”.


VIDEO: Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know, 2001
THEME: Sex on a beach
Herb Ritts sure does have a hard-on for beach settings, for his video shoots. The famed director chose a similar locale for Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” and Madonnna’s “Cherish” music videos. With Herb Ritts on board, you know the video is going to be hot. But with sexy Frenchman Brice Durand as the leading man, the thermometer would definitely go through the roof. The Parisian has worked with high-end fashion labels like Armani, Versace, Cerutti for ad campaigns. Not only does the boy have a body that won’t quit, he’s also a really good kisser, according to Miss Spears herself.


VIDEO: Everytime, 2004
THEME:Paparazzi, Fame, Suicide
According to Wikipedia, Dorff has appeared in over 35 music videos. Who knew? Besides this Britney video and Aerosmith’s “Cryin” vid, I’ve only known him as an actor. During the late 80s, he guest starred in sitcoms like “Roseanne”, “Married with Children” and “Diff’rent Strokes”. In addition, he’s starred in numerous films. The most notable ones being “Blade” and “World Trade Center”. Considering how busy he is, you have to wonder how he got his six-pack abs. He’s scheduled to appear in the Adam Sandler written comedy “Born To Be A Star”, which is scheduled to be released later this year.


VIDEO: My Prerogative, 2004
THEME: Wedding, Luxurious Lifestyle
While I don’t find him particularly attractive (especially now), I would be remiss if I didn’t include him in this “Battle of the Boy Toys”. The former dancer, rapper (haha), fashion model (even more haha) not only married Britney but he also fathered her two children. While I can sorta justify wanting to sleep with K-Fed in a drunken state, why in the world any sane woman want to procreate with him? Since their break-up, K-Fed has been renamed to K-Fat ever since he packed on substantial weight. I guess he won’t be doing any back-up dancing for P!nk or Justin Timberlake anytime soon. Federline worked with those two artists and Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child and LFO before hooking up with Spears.


VIDEO: Toxic, 2004
THEME: Revenge, Super Heroine Powers
HmmMmm. Though Tyson shared the spotlight in the “Toxic” video with two other men, his short appearance in this elaborate vid was just as intoxicating. The Jamaican, Panammanian, Chinese model was the face of Ralph Lauren for years. In addition to his cameo in “Toxic”, he’s appeared in vids for Toni Braxton, Ludacris, SWV and Adina Howard among others. When he’s not modeling or doing music video cameos, he’s also the co-host of Bravo’s “Make Me A Supermodel”. The almost 40-year-old hot piece of ass is currently dating ANTM Cycle 7 winner, Caridee English.


VIDEO: Toxic, 2004
THEME: Revenge, Super Heroine Powers
The second boy from the “Toxic” video is model/actor/writer Wisconsin born, Matt Felker. After his appearance in this vid, he created the “Who is Brad Lenz ?! “No Photo” My Space” campaign phenomenon and wrote the movie of the same name which is still in production. In his personal life, the 30-year-old has been romantically linked to Jennifer Aniston and Selma Blair. Who can blame them with that classic Nordic face and flaxen colored long hair.


VIDEO: Toxic, 2004
THEME: Revenge, Super Heroine Powers
This Kiwi actor rounds out our trinity of Toxic male stars. Henderson struggled for many years before hitting pay dirt in 2004. Not only did he snag this high-profile gig, he appeared with Naomi Watts in the hit “The Ring” and in John Woo’s “Windtalkers” that same year. Since then, the 35-year-old has had very limited success and starred in “Bride and Prejudice” with Bollywood superstar, Aishwarya Rai, in 2005 as the only notable mention.


VIDEO: Womanzier, 2008
THEME: Revenge, Sauna Dancing, Infidelity
When he’s not busy hanging out with Lance Bass, the “LA Models” represented model has appeared for Calvin Klein ads and photo shoots for OhLaLaMag.com. I wish I could give you more info about Brandon, but as of press time his Facebook Fanpage was closed. According to his Twitter account, he’s been busy with castings so hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of Stoughton in the near future. “Womanizer” was directed by Joseph Khan, who also was the creative genius behind “Toxic”.

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There you have it, some of Britney’s hottest music video love interests. If I’ve forgotten anyone that you think I should include, please let me know and I’ll amend my post. Be sure to vote in the poll above before leaving. Which hottie will rise above the rest? You decide.