Back in 2000, Britney Spears sang a song about a girl named “Lucky“. Remember that ditty? Twelve years later, the 30-year-old singer is gracing the cover of Lucky magazine. Her cover leaves me asking one huge question. Why in the world is she wearing a wig? At least that’s what it looks like? Did Miss Spears shave her head, oops one more time? The hairline looks awkward, especially in the pictures inside the December 2012 issue. I’m sure Team Xtina will be proclaiming the “Genie In A Bottle” singer’s Lucky October 2012 cover is better. Check out the pictures below along with a few quotes from her interview.

On Her Son’s Thoughts Regarding Her Career

“They’re in the middle right now of trying to figure it out. They try to figure out where I go when I go to film X Factor. They’re like, ‘Mommy’s going off to be a superhero.’ and then I get back, and they just see me as Mommy. And then when I’m back working on the show, they say, ‘Oh, Mommy’s a superhero again!’”

On What Makes Her Hubby Jason Trawick Different

“He was sweet. He says he doesn’t mind that I sit around in sweats all the time.”

On Haters

“It’s just something that you get used to in this business. I think most people are their own worst critics. I’m a perfectionist. I want things done a certain way. I am hard on myself but not regretful.”

Christina Aguilera’s Lucky Cover

Now that you’ve seen both covers, which one is better? Be sure to cast your vote below in our poll. I expect this battle to be a heated and close one.

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Britney Spears ‘Lucky’ Music Video

For nostalgia sake, I thought I’d embed this fun little pop ditty from yesteryear. My favorite part is still the knock, knock, knock on the door. Classic.

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