Brit Brit isn’t probably used to hearing the word “no“, but that’s exactly what one Twilight hottie told her recently. Spears sought out this actor to appear as her boyfriend in her new music video, “I Wanna Go” which she’s filming soon.

According to E! Online, he politely declined the role to play her love interest. It would’ve involved very little choreography and shown him rescuing Spears from the paparazzi before making out. So which Twilight star passed on the opportunity to make out with the “Femme Fatale“? Find out below.

It’s none other than Kellan Lutz. No exact reason has been revealed as to why Lutz declined, but I wish he had. Brit and Lutz would’ve made a hot onscreen couple. Perhaps, he was worried he’d get all fat like K-Fed after making out with her. Lord knows we wouldn’t want that.

The two recently met at a benefit she hostead earlier this month, “An Evening of Southern Style” for the St. Bernard Project’s Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Lutz obviously made a good impression for Spears to offer him the part. You’d think he would’ve accepted the part since he attended her event and a Spears fan. He’s revealed his favorite Britney song is “Oops!… I Did It Again“. Good choice.