Britney’s music video for “I Wanna Go” is here and we’ve got your first look! In the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed video, Britney Spears takes on the paparazzi once again, as she did in “Piece Of Me,” but this is on a whole other level.

Brit first attends a press conference, answering stupid questions from reporters, until she just can’t take it anymore. “F*ck you. F*ck you. F*ck you. You’re cool. F*ck you. I’m out.” And with that, Britney has left the building. She heads to the streets where she signs her autograph for a male fan, then is “a little inappropriate” and grabs his ass. She then flashes some guys across the street, only to get caught by a cop. He frisks the naughty pop princes, but it is she that seduces him into letting her go. Then comes the paparazzi. She flirts with on photographer’s camera a little bit, only to throw his cam onto the sidewalk. She soon realizes she’s surrounded. That’s when she whips out her mic and using it as a weapon, destroys all of the evil paparazzi. Or so she thought…

The paparazzi all get back up, now looking like the Terminator. “Lucky” for Britney, an awkward but friendly guy offers her a ride in his getaway car. They drive on the highway, while he poors milk all over his face. Yes, milk. Britney enjoys it. Towards the end of the video, Britney is back at the press conference, accompanied by her new friend, Guillermo. Turns out, he’s not who she thought he was. He too is a photog. It seems this video was based on a true story! (Ahem: Adnan Ghalib!)

This video is my favorite video so far from the the Femme Fatale album, and is actually one of my favorite Britney videos of all time! Check out Britney, sexier, naughtier, and feistier than ever in this new video below!