It’s finally here! After much build up, with teaser after teaser, the Princess of Pop Britney Spears has revealed the highly anticipated music video to her new chart topper “Hold It Against Me“. The video is very different from anything she’s ever done. That said, just like her other videos, she spritzes some of her fragrance onto herself at the beginning before diving into her video. But, just like in Lady Gaga’s Telephone which was also directed by Jonas Akerlund, there is a lot of product placement. Luckily, it doesn’t bother me.

The set we saw in the teasers is pretty much where everything takes place. Once a meteor hits earth, it’s lights, camera, action…literally. Cameras and screens everywhere, and at one point, under a giant white dress (I’m guessing wedding dress) come several male dancers dressed in white…with no eyes. Later in the video, we see Britney vs. Britney, as she seriously kicks the crap out of herself. I love it! Flash to another scene, there is a florescent stringy substance shooting out from tubes attached to her hands & fingers onto everything around her, creating an orgasmic masterpiece of color. Then she’s out , and so are the two duelling Britneys.

I love the video and think it’s very visually stimulating and creative. I just can’t figure out the concept – LOL. A meteor hits earth, Britney wakes up, goes on Plenty-of-Fish, puts on a wedding dress, beats the crap out of herself, passes out, then busts a move one last time? Honestly, I really don’t care. I do wish we got to see her dancing for longer periods of time, rather than the quick flashes, but all in all, the video is fantastic.

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