Britney Spears & Donald Trump Have A Meeting Of The Minds In Amusing Mashup

Deciphering what President Donald Trump is actually saying can sometimes (always) be a complicated affair. One could easily go insane trying to comprehend all the mumbo jumbo that’s coming out of his pursed lips.

If anyone can sit through a chat with Trump and still have a smile on their face, it’s Britney Spears. I swear it’s all rainbows and unicorns in that perky brain of hers. Sometimes I wish I had that Pollyanna attitude.

Thanks to one humorous soul, the world can see what a sit-down between Trump and Spears would look like. Using clips from a recent Trump interview with vintage footage of Brit, we have this spliced piece of heaven.

Watch below to see the “Slumber Party” singer’s reactions to Donald talking about the Mexican wall and the massive crowds at his inauguration. It’s a fun distraction for sure.