Britney Premieres “Criminal” Music Video!

It’s finally here! After countless pics and press reports regarding the filming, I’m happy to say that Britney Spears has officially released the music video for her newest single, “Criminal“!

Completely filmed in London, this is Britney’s most unique video as of late. The premise goes like this: Britney (who looks fabulous) is at a fancy cocktail party with her boyfriend where they get into an altercation. The bastard of a boyfriend grabs her by the face and smacks her around a little before the one and only Jason Trawick (Brit’s real-life boyfriend) comes in and saves the day. From there, the two go on a crime spree and have loads of sex. Ok, so it’s a little random, but hey, it’s Britney Spears.

Because this song is more “chill” than most of Britney’s other tracks, the video has no large dance routines or crazy outfits. Usually I would be upset by this, but in this case it works perfect and is quite refreshing! Check out the video below to see Britney and Jason in all of their naked glory. Yes, naked!

Britney Spears “Criminal” Music Video

  • That was a really cute video, I really like it. 🙂

  • Aqua

    Ooh Nice SOng and Nice video… Is the Old Guy His real bf… EW Brit wth… ??? ANyways very good Britney .. Love this one. And she looked soo amazing in the Gown.

  • Me2me3

    Love it! It’s so not like anything out there right now

  • AWFUL song…it’s crap. But the video is really good. I like it.
    She looked amazing.

  • Slade