Oooooh the drama continues! Bitch, Please!

Check it out!

For those of us still pissed off from Britney’s concert last Wed, there is hope. And it could come in the form of a refund!

Britney claimed that it was “smoke” that caused the 40 minute abrupt ending to her set after just 3 lipsynced songs. Britney, a smoker herself also posted on her official website that it was “poor ventilation” to blame. 

Well, if you call BS (no, not “Britney Spears”), you are not alone. Sign up here

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    I SO WANT MY MONEY BACK!, where do I sign?

  • Brett

    Seriously? She came back out and finished the show as if nothing had happened. She looked amazing up there and I’m just sad it had to be our amazing city that she had this sort of issue in. I was hoping she’d say it was the best audience she’d had and that she couldn’t wait to come back…sadly I don’t think that’s how it turned out.

    I’ve been a Britney fan since the very beginning, and over the last 10 years I have forgiven her for much more than pausing a concert for half an hour. I’ve waited much longer than half an hour for her on numerous occasions. I’m just glad she’s back and looking as fantastic as she was looking last Wednesday.

    And I know it’s been ‘confirmed’ that it was cigarette smoke but I could smell pot pretty strongly in my section. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the dudes on the lighting rigs up at the top of the arena were feeling a little uneasy because I was feeling pretty uneasy myself.

  • Ray

    Wow, still on this????? Get over it! Madonna bitched about the smoke in BC Place in October and other artists have walked off stage due to technical difficulties. Just because it’s Britney, it’s an easy target. Everyone is waiting for her to f*ck-up this tour and she takes a 40min break and all of a sudden the tour is a failure and a disaster?
    Get over yourselves. You don’t deserve a refund, the show went on.
    You of all people Jonny should respect the situation. I would think you understand the complexities of a concert, especially one of this size, as well as the obvious health implications.
    The idea of a refund is lame! Typical Vancouver, whine and complain about EVERYTHING.

  • LOL Ray. It’s the lead story on The Province’s website. Don’t shoot the messenger!

    To be honest though, I’m fine with not getting a refund, but an apology for wasting my time would’ve been nice from Britney herself. In my opinion, that night, in that situation, she was either not into it, or just being a coward….

  • Not to beat the dead horse any more but I’m with Jonny….a simple announcement from Britney herself would have been nice. She just stormed off like a spoiled brat and left her fans hanging for over 30 mins in the dark. Not cool. Yes she did finish the concert but clearly she wasn’t into it…I mean we all know she lipsynced which I’m totally fine with but if she is going to do that I demand she dances like she used to…with a little more enthusiasm and energy. It’s the least she could do for her fans that stood by her through her rough times.