Check Out The Hilarious (& NSFW) “Bridesmaids” Outtakes

Have you gone to see Bridesmaids yet? This hilarious comedy starring Kristen Wiig is enough to make your belly ache for days after. So far, the film has grossed over $64 million dollars in theatres and is sure to be compared to its male counterpart this Memorial Day weekend, The Hangover Part 2.

One of my favorite bits from a comedy movie are definitely the outtakes. Has anyone seen Date Night with Tina Fey? The outtakes and bloopers at the end of that film are more hilarious than the movie. So when I caught a peek at the outtakes from Bridesmaids, I had to share them with you.

Jon Hamm puts the icing on the cake, literally with the scenes of him and Kristen in the bedroom with the most hilarious of bedroom commentary. It’s also nice to hear Jon Hamm say some dirty things because let’s be honest, that’s the closest we’ll ever get to hearing it. There is also a little boy who is so funny with his comments about Kristen’s appearance that I’m sad it didn’t make the movies’ final cut. Overall, a great three minutes of laughter.