Meet The New “Biggest Loser” Trainers

After weeks of teasing and silouhette figures, “The Biggest Loser” revealed the faces of two new trainers joining the weight loss reality show. With Jillian Michaels leaving at the end of this season, this was the perfect time to introduce SLASH test run new blood. Brett Hoebel, a martial arts expert, and Cara Castronuova, a professional boxer, join veterans Bob Harper and Michaels in their quest to whip this season’s overweight contestants back in to shape.

Will their fitness approach be in the same vein as Bob’s soft and gentle touch or Jillian’s tough love in-your-face method? See what the the new trainers told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive interview.

How will your training techniques differ from Bob’s and Jillian’s?

Brett: All I can say is I’m trying to pave my [own] way. I have a pre-med background. I really and truly believe that training is a science. You either know anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics, or you don’t. And there’s also a martial arts part of it, which is the capoeira, the muy thai…. Cara’s an amazing fighter. We both bring that aspect to it. We’re both from New York City. You’re gonna get NYC in the hizzouse! It’s like, in your face, it’s the real deal. There is no BS. I refer to us as “the dynamic duo.”
Cara: You can’t compare us to Bob and Jillian. My background is that of a competitive athlete and a fighter, and I’m bringing something totally different to The Biggest Loser that wasn’t there before. And Brett is bringing something totally different. And the contestants love it, because they’re able to learn from four people who all have something totally different to bring to them.

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Based on preliminary reaction on message boards, the two new additions aren’t faring very well. I used to watch the show, but haven’t caught it the past two seasons. I’ll have to tune in next week to see if they’re really as unlikable as people say. If you watched last night’s episode, what are your thoughts on Brett and Cara?