Bret Michaels To Replace Simon On Idol?

There’s a rumor going around today that Bret Michael’s is going to be Simon Cowell’s replacement on American Idol, since this past season was Cowell’s last. If this is true, talk about the comeback for this Poisonous rock star! Looks like Trump gave him the jump into re-super stardom!

He’s certainly would not be similar to Simon’s judging style, but her certainly wouldn’t be new to Idol. He performed “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on this season’s finale and was also a judge on Nashville Star. In other reality tv, he had his own VH1 reality show called Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and recently won NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice 3. Way to go, buddy! Hopefully his health is back to normal, as I’m sure the long days and extensive travel that is required to do this job can be a bit much for someone that isn’t at their best health-wise.

What do you think? Good choice for a Simon Cowell replacement? If I was to pick a Celebrity Apprentice to replace Simon, I think it’d be Sharon Osbourne. Tons of experience being a judge, expert in the music industry, and she has an incredibly wit about her that would make for some great television.

What do you think about the possibility of Bret Michael’s being a new judge on Idol?

  • Jan

    No! It’ll be dramatically bad.