So my new favorite show premiered last night. TLC debuted what is sure to be a smash hit, Breaking Amish. Let me tell you. It. Was. Everything.

From the network that brought us John and Kate Plus 8, and Toddlers & Tiaras, Breaking Amish features five young men and women who abandon their Mennonite and Amish communities and families to experience life in New York City. The premiere introduced us to the cast and their strange and interesting lives.

A preview for the rest of the season shows the cast experiencing their first plan ride, using modern innovations like ATMs and cars and exploring the city or New York. Like any trashy show the rest of the season is bound to include alcohol, sex and LOTS of DRAMA!

Meet the cast of Breaking Amish and check out the trailer for the series below.

Kate, 21, is the bishops daughter. She’s my favourite. She’s stunningly beautiful and has dreams of being a model. While filming of the show was under way, Kate’s father caught her with the camera crew and kicked her out. She travelled to Florida to stay with some of her Amish friends and ends up getting a DUI. I mean, you can’t write this stuff.

Sabrina, 25, isn’t actually Amish. She’s mennonite, which means she gets to enjoy some modern conveniences such as electricity. She too was adopted and when news of her leaving the community gets out, she receives hate mail from people telling her she is going to burn in hell. In a short emotional interview this girl has already won me over.

Jeremiah, 32, is adopted by an Amish family and seems to resent the Amish lifestyle the most. Driving a horse and buggy his whole life, Jeremiah has dreams of driving a real car. Leaving the Amish community behind, Jeremiah will be shunned which means his family, and girlfriend will not be able to speak to him ever again. Jeremiah is probably the cutest of the bunch. It looks like he get’s pretty hot further on in the season.

Abe, 22, wants to be a pilot. Abe is going to New York City to find out what else is out there. In a hilarious scene, his sister comes outside and tells him he is hurting the family by leaving and that he will be shunned. His response is to tell his sister to go back inside and help their mother make dinner. It’s absolutely hilarious and awkward.

Finally, Rebecca, 20, wants a life equal to that of a man. She says she doesn’t miss things like TV and Radio because she’s never had those things. But she dreams of experiencing a life where a man makes HER dinner and a man cleans HER clothes. My kinda woman. When Rebecca’s grandpa see’s the camera crew he immediately kicks her out of the house. Just like that. So dramatic.

The rest of the season looks absolutely flawless, with the girls getting drunk and acting slutty, people learning to drive and getting tattoos, and a whole bunch of fighting. It looks like an episode of the Real World, but better. A lot better.

‘Breaking Amish’ Series Trailer

Did you guys get a chance to see the premiere? Let me know what you thought!