‘Breaking Bad’ Meets ‘Brokeback Mountain’ In Hilarious Parody Trailer

It took me a while but I’ve finally got into Breaking Bad. After the first few episodes, I was literally kicking myself in the butt for not watching it prior. It’s amazing. First of all, I am absolutely in love with Aaron Paul who up until last night’s Emmy win was probably one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. Paired with the incredible Bryan Cranston, this unlikely but dynamic on-screen duo is anything but mediocre.

The two have this unique chemistry that has me coming back for every episode. The love/hate relationship and tension between the two is intoxicating. So, it’s no wonder that someone decided that it would be funny to play off their kinship. In this hilarious video trailer parody, clips from the hit AMC series are intercut with the music and titles from the famous film, Brokeback Mountain. Not surprisingly, the two mesh quite and kind of make you wish that the two of them did have a little more chemistry besides the formula for the meth. Check out BreakBad Mountain below.

BreakBad Mountain

  • Prew

    That mash-up is hilarious. And welcome to the Breaking Bad Fanatics Club.

  • Macguffin54

    There is no music from Brokeback Mountain in this clip. It appears to be just one song but not one from the movie. Do I need to revoke your homosexuality membership?