Breach Gets Hairy With ‘Jack’

I call instant classic on the dancefloor. Calling it.

English DJ Ben Westbeech just released a hairy video for his new track “Jack” under the name Breach. Breach has had some success with tracks like “So Good Today” and “Hang Around“, but “Jack” is the shining star and the newly released video is no exception

Mixing a strange combination of the weird, wonderful, and sexy, the video for Jack gives you a little something no matter if you’re blonde, brunette, or ginger. With a flick of the switch, an alternate and furry universe is unleashed, including a blonde body suit that I don’t know how to live without. It is my birthday in a week, jussayin‘. I would. The video hits the breakdown with a sexy great red head climax (gingers are so in right now), and hints that going native might be comin’ back in style.

The track is a little haunting, makes you wanna’ move, makes you wanna’ learn choreography and grow your hair out. This all in all is one of my favourite tracks and visual accompaniments of the summer. Get into it.

Breach – Jack Music Video