It’s official. I’m making it a goal to learn Portuguese. Not that I’m planning a trip to Brazil or Portugal anytime soon, though I probably should. I’d love to visit both countries. Rather to know what the frick they’re saying in this trailer for a Brazilian show.

In the clip, there’s a guy trapped in a toilet, naked men running on a beach and two men sharing a bath. I’m curious what it all means. Thanks to a little Google translation, I was able to decipher the video title to “serial killer on the reef strikes again!” Sounds like some homicidal maniac is on the loose. Whether or not you understand a stitch of what they’re saying, you’ll enjoy the clip. Thank God for the universal language of shirtless men.

As a side note, if we do have any Portuguese-speaking readers, I actually would like to know what’s going on. Please and thank you. Watch the trailer below. Warning: Even though the still of the video shows some bare booty, it’s only for a brief second at the end of the clip. The rest is very SFW.

Serial Killer No Recife Ataca De Novo!