What would the world be like without hot Brazilian models? Probably not as pretty. Ford Models recently released a video of all their male models who were hired to walk during the 2012 spring/summer runway shows in Brazil. First off all, brilliant idea. Not only is it giving props to their models generating cash for them, but a great way to get more exposure for their agency. Amazeballs.

Set to the tune of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”, the models strut their stuff for the camera. I’m not sure what kind of direction photographer Rafael Costa gave to them, but half of them don’t look like they have any rhythm. They even look a bit awkward, hot, but awkward. Who needs dancing abilities when you have abs and bone structure like these guys. You can’t have it all.

Just in case you’re too busy gawking at them to read their names, here they are: Fernando Sala, Pedro Moreno, Celso Carvalho, Rael, Giuseppe, Vitor Fazio, Dante, Estevao and Rodrigo Alves. Enjoy. It’s a perfect way to spend your time surfing on a Sunday.