Brass Monki: Superhero Sneaks

In the market for some wicked kicks? If you answered yes, you have to check out this awesome shoe designer. Brass Monki aka Daniel Reese is a 22-year-old kid from the UK. What started out as a hobby, has turned into a full-time career. I think it’s commendable and inspiring how he turned his passion for design, sneakers and pop culture into a full-fledged business.

Using plain white runners as his canvas, Brass Monki is able to transform them into works of art. I browsed through his online store and picked a few superhero-inspired designs. If you’re not a fan of comic book characters, he also does different designs. Heck, you can even commission him to do a customized piece for you. Be forewarned, they are a little pricey especially considering they’re UK Pounds.


You can’t have Batman without Robin. How awesome would it be to wear Batman on your left foot, then Robin on your right. It’s a lot of cash, but a bold statement.

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is my favorite comic book hero. To boot, I love the color green. I might just end buying these ones 😉

Captain America

Is it wrong, but I kinda want these too.

Iron Man

These are IMHO his weakest superhero design. I’m sure hardcore Ironman would disagree.

The Watchmen

I wasn’t a fan of the movie, but I’m loving these shoes.


So technically, he’s not a superhero, but I had to include them because they’re so adorable.

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To check out more wicked shoe designs, head over to his official website @ He even has a Google and Firefox-themed kicks as well. Want some matching apparel? He also sells those too, in forms of T-Shirt designs. If you’re curious to see how he creates the shoes, you can watch him create them live via USTREAM.

  • DAMNIT! They are SO bloody expensive. Like 800CAD…that’s CRAZAY!

  • Ron den Heijer

    The so called “founder” of BrassMonki has been f*cking up orders for YEARS. I’ve read a blog from a guy who’s paid for the sneakers and after TWO YEARS he still hasn’t received the sneakers!! He keeps making up excuses and keeps lying to his customers, this guy can’t run a business. The designs you see here aren’t actual sneakers, they’re digitally designed, they don’t exist yet, so unless you like wasting 200 bucks on something you’ll probably never get, DO NOT BUY FROM BRASSMONKI.COM. Just google “brass monki rip off”.

  • Ron

    Today, 8 months after the order date, I was refunded 100% by Brass Monki. Thanks. The owner of the “rip off” site also got his money back last week.