Brandy Reminisces On MTV’s “When I Was 17”

Truth be told, I’ve never seen MTV’s “When I Was 17“, but after checking out Brandy’s segment from the most recent episode, I might include it on my recording schedule. The show features celebrities as they look back at the events leading up to their present-day career. Mostly focusing on when they were actually 17-years-old. Interviews with family, friends and colleagues are often included as part of the celebs’ segment. Currently the show is airing its second season. “When I Was 17” airs on Saturdays at 11/10c on MTV.

Brandy, Jay Manuel and Derek Hough were highlighted on Saturday night’s episode. I only caught Brandy’s segment and it was soooooo good. The now 32-year-old R&B singer reminisced about her career back in the day, when she was riding high with a hit sitcom, “Moesha“, and achieved huge commercial success with “The Boy Is Mine“. It also covers her reported feud with her duet partner on that song, Monica. It was Brandy vs Monica long before Britney vs Christina.

In addition, Brandy talks about going to her high school prom with NBA superstar Kobe Bryant and meeting Michael Jackson for the first time. My favorite part of the segment is when Brandy talks about her embarrassing gaffe at the Grammys. When her name was called out, awarding Monica and her with their first Grammy win, rather than walking hand in hand with her duet partner, Brandy literally ran up the stage and fist-pumped like Cuba Gooding Jr. at the Oscars. Meanwhile, Monica trailed behind as she walked elegantly to the stage. LOL. You can catch that embarrassing moment and much more on MTV’s trip down memory lane with Brandy.

Brandy on MTV’s “When I Was 17”

Recently, the R&B singer confirmed that she’s hitting the studio to record her sixth studio album. She’s enlisted top producers Tricky Stewart, The Dream and more in hopes of scoring a much needed comeback hit album. I like Brandy and hope she finds some hit songs that will put her back atop Billboard’s Hot 100.