Are Brandy & Monica Prepping To Battle Each Other Again?

Sandwiched in between the 80s Tiffany vs Debbie Gibson and 2000s Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera rivalries, was the epic Brandy and Monica smackdown. Back in the 90s, rumors swirled the two weren’t the biggest fans of each other and even reportedly got into a physical altercation while rehearsing for the MTV VMAs. Both camps denied any rivalry, but I’m a firm believer of the where there’s smoke, there’s fire theory. How else can you explain their authentic bitch slapping chemistry on “The Boy Is Mine“?

14 years after their humongous hit, it would seem the ladies, who are now in their thirties, are genuinely friends. Monica tweeted a picture of the two of them while hanging out in Miami. Here’s the best part. They were hanging out at a recording studio where Brandy was laying down tracks for her upcoming album. OMFG. I’m giddy just writing this, but are we in store for another awesome duet from the R&B divas. God, I hope so. Here’s a few tweets from their night together.

“Wonderful night in the studio! I wasn’t 100%, but I gave it my all and it turned out great! Just a little more raspy than normal… I love you so much Mo. Thank you!” – Brandy

“We have Both Been Blessed Beyond Measure..14years later… Love.” – Monica

“I love you so much Mo?thank u!” – Brandy (responding to Monica’s tweet above)

As I excited as I am for another duet from these two amazing singers, I really hope they don’t pick a similar theme for their new collaboration. How sad would it be if these ladies were still fighting over the same boy? Sorry Mekhi Phifer but you’re not all that. Not only do you not want to tarnish the legacy of their original track, but duplicating its success will be a monolithic task. “The Boy Is Mine” spent 13 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is a bona fide classic. How adorable do the two women look below?

Brandy & Monica “The Boy Is Mine” Music Video

I couldn’t finish this post without adding their classic hit. Man, does this video take me back. Take a trip down memory lane and get reacquainted with this 90s pop gem. Which team were you on? I love them both, but I was more of a Monica fan back then.

  • Mike

    I have to admit…I should have known my ass was gay back in HS. My female friend and I would “battle” each other using this song…hoe always wanted to be Monica! -___-

  • @Mike LOL. I totes wanted to be Monica too.

  • shai


    remaind me off highschool so much ( when i reailz i was a big mo)