It didn’t make the cut on her latest album, Two Eleven, but Brandy decided it was worth sharing with her fans. The 33-year-old singer debuted “How High” on Christmas as a gift to all her fans. I’m a longtime Brandy fan and I have to say it’s not bad. It’s laid-back with a seductive and smooth vibe.

Not only are her signature sultry vocals on it, but so are her rapping skills. “How High” features a rap interlude delivered by her alter ego Bran’Nu. Love her, but I find this whole alter ego trend a tad ridiculous. You’re not Superman SLASH Clark Kent ladies. I’m talking to you Beyonce ‘Sasha Fierce‘ Knowles 😉

I’m not sure why the former Moesha actress hasn’t officially released any other singles from Two Eleven besides “Put It Down” ft. Chris Brown and “Wildest Dreams“. Her latest album is pretty good and deserves more promotional singles to amp up the album sales. So far it’s only moved roughly 110,700 units. Less than Human which sold about 214,000 and a FAR CRY from her best effort, Never Say Never, which sold 4,600,000 domestically and 16 million worldwide. Check out “How High” below and see if it should’ve been included on her latest album.

Brandy ‘How High’

What do you think? Do you think it should’ve made the cut on Two Eleven? Have you listened to Brandy’s latest album? What are your favorite tracks? Sound off below.