On Wednesdays, I babysit my niece and around 4pm we usually mellow out before her parents come home. Depending on the topic, I usually catch Oprah while playing hockey or soccer with her. Yesterday’s show featuring Oprah’s favorite Soap Opera stars inspired my choice for this week’s Man Crush. I haven’t watched soaps in years, but after doing some research, I probably should. There are a lot of sexy men taking their shirts off during daytime television. One of the hottest and cutest is Brandon Barash.

The 31-year-old actor joined “General Hospital” back in 2007 playing the role of Johnny Zacchara, the son of a mobster. Prior to that he was best known for portraying Paris Gellar’s boyfriend on “Gilmore Girls“. His other television credits include guest spots on “NCIS“, “24” and “The West Wing“. Given his success, it’s surprising to know he had aspirations of being a cardiac surgeon before catching the acting bug.

Brandon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, raised Jewish and graduated from Memorial High School in Houston, Texas in 1998. He is a natural athlete and plays a lot of sports including basketball, racquetball, baseball, football, golf and fencing. Besides excelling in athletics, he is also a renaissance man and plays piano, sings, does vocal impressions and speaks Spanish fluently. He could whisper sweet Spanish nothings to me, any time he wants. Caliente. Check out some even more caliente pics below. Sorry ladies and homos, Barash is currently dating “All My Children” star, Natalie Hall. Lucky beyotch.

I have no idea what Yom Kippur is (I actually do know), but I bet his kippur is really “yommy”. Mazel!!!

His hair is so thick and wavy, I could run my fingers through it all day long.

A montage of his hairy sexy shirtless hotness on General Hospital. Once again… Mazel.

Him and a few GH co-stars are part of the Port Chuck Tour. How much wood can Brandon chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Where’s the beef? Apparently on Brandon’s chest. That’s some prime cut juiciness.

That’s what I call a million dollar smile. Someone call up Crest and Colgate stat.

In ten years, Brandon is going to make one sexy bear. GROWLLLLLLLLLLL

Flex it baby. Looks like he loves to be submissive on all fours. My type of guy. *wink*