How Smart Are You?


Since I was a teenager, I have had a strange fondness for online trivia and brain teasers. These fun (and often useless) online games helped me understand the meaning of the word “procrastination” throughout high school and college. Of course, now that I’m out of school and into full-time career mode, I only allow myself to drift off into online trivia land during my lunch hour. And, to give myself SOME credit, the lunch hour has usually been more than a sufficient amount of time to solve any puzzle I’ve encountered… until today.

Today, a co-worker sent me a link to this new Japanese online IQ test and I have to admit (as embarrassing as it is for me), this one almost stumped me. Apparently, the test is given to job applicants in Japan- although I find it hard to believe that an employer would disregard a potential employee based on the outcome of it. Regardless, I had to come back to it on a break to finish solving it and when I finally did, I couldn’t figure out how I did it. There goes my hopes of finding a job in Japan I guess. Anyway, after a number of attempts and reattempts I’ve finally gotten it down pat and I’m interested to see how long it takes everyone else.

The instructions on the first page are in English, so read them before opening the test or else you won’t understand how it works. Here’s the link:

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  • Kodie

    Haha good find landon..took me a sec to figure it out, but i got it eventually!

  • I gave up after 20 mins…. 🙁
    japan is smarter than i am.. it’s official!

  • Calan

    Good beans, it took me about 8 minutes…I think you need to post more of these Landon

  • Not to brag but – 3 minutes! I even timed myself! It is not uncommon for hopeful job applicants to take certain tests for certain jobs in Asia. Not all jobs and all companies require it, but there are some that have very rigorous standards for admittance. Afterall, I had to take a MENSA test when I was 15 to be admitted to a certain class that my parents wanted me to attend.

  • Jared

    Interesting. The rules are all in Chinese though, not Japanese 🙂 Not that it matters or anything lol

  • 8 minutes! It’s actually quite easy. All you do is find the variable factor that fits all the criteria and violates none of the restrictions, the rest is just process. Good find.

  • Thank GOD i just did it… literally i’m in LA and sitting in a hotel doing this… but i got it so that’s all that matters!

  • Mia

    7 minutes!

  • Ajitha

    I DID IT IN 1/2 N HR

  • Laurine Mall

    I did it on my first try; about a minute to 2 minutes.