In September 2010, Brad Goreski issued a statement saying he was parting ways with celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe. Both claimed their split was amicable, but I highly doubt that remains true, given this latest celebrity styling drama development. If you watched “The Rachel Zoe Project“, you’re aware Demi Moore was one of Rachel’s biggest clients. She would style the gorgeous star for any red carpet events or magazine editorial shoots. One of them was even captured for her Bravo show. Reports say that Mrs. Ashton Kutcher has jumped shipped and on Team Brad. Apparently, she likes her stylists like her men…. young and cute.

The New York Post is reporting that “Rachel is furious. Brad assisted her in styling Demi. Now she feels betrayed.” Personally, I’m glad Rachel is finally get a dose of karma being thrown her way. That snow job she did on former employee, Taylor Jacobson, on the season opener was totally uncalled for. Rather than being a season premiere, the show felt like an hour-long smear campaign against her valuable employee.

With both Brad and Taylor both gone from her company and as cast members of “The Rachel Zoe Project“, I predict very stormy skies in Rachel’s future. Her two style assistants were the best part of the show and her operation. I think it’s time she, in her own words, “shuts it down“.

If you want to see what Brad whipped up for Demi, you can see her outfits from this year’s Sundance Film Festival by googling them. Reportedly, he’ll also be styling her for a few upcoming Oscar parties. BANANAS. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous Brad styles Demi. It’s going to be epic. He’s got im”pec”cable taste (see above).

Now that Brad is formidable styling foe, I would assume Brad Goreski is now enemy number one in Rachel Zoe’s camp. Looks like Taylor Jacobson is off the hook from that honor. Perhaps Taylor & Brad should join forces. That would be amazing and a huge slap in the face to Rachel. She deserves it. Never liked Rachel Zoe and never will.