5. Following my obsession with anything wooden, here is a hard drive enclosure by BP Custom Woodworks hand-made in Seattle from 100% reclaimed wood. Fashion & eco-consciousness rolled into one, I’m all for that! $98-$150 at Etsy.com

4. This one is very cool… imagine what this could do to your work dungeon or basement suite! Two 46-inch Panasonic TC-P46G10 plasma screens bring the images to life.  They are fed by an Apple Mac Pro workstation in the adjacent room running custom OS X software called Winscape.  Using the displays’ physical layout parameters, the Winscape software renders the proper portions of the video to fill the appropriate displays using Quicktime and OpenGL.  A Wii remote reports the position of a custom-built IR-emitting necklace in the room via bluetooth. The Winscape software uses this tracker information (when available) to shift the view for the person wearing the IR necklace.  Sleep, Wake, and Scene Selection can be controlled by a web page served by the software or by the Winscape Remote iPhone App.  $2,500-$3,000 at Winscape.

3. If you’re like me, a hi-top sneaker addict, you’re gonna love John Galliano Homme Hi-Top Sneakers! I love the brogue toe, cut out details & contrasting colours. I’m in love with the black, white & gray combo. I’m not really one for designer duds but this one I’m totally in love with. I’m a size 40 Euro, if anyone out there is reading this (hint, thint) LOL. $615 at Restir.

2. Belgian designer Natalia Brilli is at it again! Remember the previous post I did of her black leather covered goodies here? How you ask can a fake Rolex watch ever be desirable? Here she covers a Nolex watch in super high quality glove leather to give it an understated elegance and turns it into a very desirable watch bracelet. $100-$200 at Natalia Brillli.

1. Everyone could benefit with a little  bling in their life. Although I am not a big fan of artillery, I really do love these gun pendants. The blinged out knuckle rings are also very cool and a bit out of the norm, perfect for a night out clubbing. $200-$500 at DDG Deviant Design Group.