Book Review: Boystown Season 1 & 2 By Jake Biondi


I recently stumbled across writer Jake Biondi promoting his upcoming Season 3 of Boystown and, being intrigued, I immediately went out to download Seasons 1 and 2. If you, like me, enjoyed shows like Melrose Place, Revenge, or any over the top serial drama, this is the gay version you’ve been waiting for.

The story centers around a group of friends in Chicago, their relationships, and all their delicious drama. Central to that group of friends are the Mancini brothers: Derek and Emmett. Happily coupled off with Joyelle and Keith respectively, Derek and Emmett both seem to have picture perfect lives, but all that’s about to change, for them, their partners, their friends Maxwell and Logan… When newcomers Cole and Jesse are added to the mix, those picture perfect lives begin to unravel.


Biondi’s writing style pulls you in and carries you from one fast-paced chapter to another. Cliffhangers and plot twists abound as each “season” goes from “episode” to “episode” (you can tell as you read that Biondi has an eventual television series in mind, and anyone who has been waiting for a great big gay melodrama will easily be able to see this sexy cast on the small screen). There’s a lot of passionate sex. There’s a lot of emotional entanglements. There’s a lot of unexpected twists, and both season 1 and season 2 build to explosive climaxes (well, there’s quite a few explosive climaxes throughout the episodes, but of a slightly stickier kind).

Season 2 sees the addition of the heretofore only talked about third Mancini brother, Justin, as well as Ciancio twins Marco and Gino, with whom the Mancinis have a long and competitive history. As with any good soap opera, surprises await the characters around every corner, secrets surfacing, disasters striking, lives changing. It’s nearly impossible for me to review without spoilering, and I’m far too excited to learn what will befall these characters when Season 3 comes out May 1.

Summer is just around the corner, Homorazzi readers, and these Boystown stories could be the poolside read you’ve been waiting for. Strangely addictive like any late-night guilty pleasure, Boystown will titillate and torment, and leave you wondering if happy endings ever really happen.

This has been a bobert review.


Submitted By: Rob B. Follow him on Twitter @robbrowatzke

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