‘Boys On Film 17: Love Is A Drug’ Debuts Redband Trailer (NSFW)

Boys On Film 17: Love Is A Drug is an award-winning short film collection from Peccadillo Pictures. Nine of the best gay short films from around the world have been compiled for your viewing on demand pleasure starting December 15.

Be prepared to be intoxicated and entranced by these gripping stories. Discover hidden desires on a sleepover, fall in love with the handyman and be seduced by a stranger on the beach as you discover why “love is a drug.” Check out the redband trailer below.

‘Boys On Film 17: Love Is A Drug’ NSFW Redband Trailer

‘Boys On Film 17: Love Is A Drug’ Lineup

ALEX AND THE HANDYMAN (USA, 2017, 14 mins)
Director: Nicholas Colia. A precocious 9 year old develops a crush on the handsome 25-year old handyman who’s working in the mansion where he lives. Screened at Palm Springs Festival

MR SUGAR DADDY (Sweden, 2016, 13 mins)
Director: Dawid Ullgren Starring Bengt CW Carlsson (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo); Emelia Hansson (TV’s Wallander). Hans, an older man is looking for a fresh start, and falls for younger guy, Andrej, but it’s a game that leaves no room for winners. Screened at Stockholm Film Festival

SPOILERS (UK/ Australia, 2016, 22 mins)
Director: Brendon McDonall. Starring: James Peake (Da Vinci’s Demons, Holby City), Tom Mumford. Leon and Felix meet unexpectedly and discover they share a lot in common; but will their budding relationship flourish or be spoiled? Director of Iris Prize winning film All God’s Creatures.

TELLIN’ DAD (UK, 2017, 15 mins)
Director: André Chambers. Starring Ricky Tomlinson (The Royle Family). A year into his relationship, Dan (Carl Loughlin) finally agrees to come out to his family. He writes letters to all of them. As each arrives, he deals with the aftermath until there’s only one left…

BOYS (USA, 2016, 14 mins)
Director: Eyal Resh. Starring Kevin Brief (Supernatural; StarTrek: Enterprise), Pearce Joza (Lab Rats). Set on the first day of summer, Brian sleeps over at Jake’s house as they have done countless times before. This night however, the two encounter unfamiliar desires that illuminate a new side of themselves.

HOLE (Canada, 2014, 15 mins)
Director: Martin Edralin . A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him. Nominated for Iris Prize. Award-winner at Locarno International Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand Festival.

HAPPY AND GAY (USA, 2014, 10 mins)
Director: Lorelei Pepi . A queer revisionist history of 1930s black and white cartoons, Happy and Gay is an award-winning musical cartoon inspired by the power of representation.

PEDRO (Portugal, 2016, 24 mins)
Directors: André Santos; Marco Leão (Portugal) . When Pedro gets home at dawn, tired and exhausted, he’s dragged reluctantly to the beach by his mother, but the sight of a handsome stranger soon wakes him up to a tide of possibilities. Shown at Sundance Film Festival and BFI Flare.

KISS ME SOFTLY (Belgium, 2012, 16 mins)
Director: Anthony Schatteman. Award-winning film starring Ezra Fiereman (TV’s The Alienist). Jasper lives a seemingly dull life in a grey, small town where all the family attention goes into his father’s singing career. When he receives an unexpected kiss from a friend, Jasper decides the time has come to focus on being himself. Screened at BFI Flare.